Who Uses Team Inquiry?

Who goes to TeamInquiry.com?

Employers, Landlords, Law Firms, Corporate Risk Fraud Analysts, Investigative Reporters, Investigators & Collection Agencies, Parents…and YOU!

Why should you use Team Inquiry for all of your search needs?

      • Nationwide Databases & the International Database Interpol used to uncover all Criminal Records including Sex Offender listings, Arrests & Warrants.   *** All of this is included in the Background Check ***
      • Nationwide Access for:  Bankruptcies, Deceased Persons, Vin # or License Plate Searches, Property Deed Searches, Evictions, Foreclosures, Liens, US Business Searches and Vehicle Sightings Search (including actual photo of car) for over 1 year.
      • Nationwide Access for UCC Filings.   *** Included in the US Business Search ***
      • International Access:  Global Watch Lists covering 60+ sanctions & watch lists including 21 DEA lists, 11 FBI Lists, 6 US Government Lists, 3 OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) Lists, 2 UK Lists, FDIC List, EU Consolidated List, HM (Her Majesty), Treasury Sanctions List, UN Consolidated Sanctions List, World Bank List of Debarred Parties, Interpol’s Most Wanted List.   *** All of this is included in the Background Check ***
      • International Access:  The World Business Search covers over 200 Countries.